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Branches in Lahore, Islamabad and Gujrat

 Coral Beauty Emporium celebrates individuality and offering result-driven unique treatments in Pakistan. our branches are now in Lahore, Islamabad, Gujrat and coming soon to Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. 

We are passionate about skin, hair and beauty services. We aim to deliver high-quality vitamin-rich (vitamin A, C,& E skin treatments) and innovative skincare technology. We apply a holistic & scientifically-based approach to all our skin, hair and beauty treatments. We do not use any harmful chemicals in our treatments like Polishers or Bleach in any of the treatments.
After years of research in the beauty industry, we have introduced the world's best skin and beauty brands with our four important concepts of delivering at optimum levels as follows.

FEED YOUR SKIN INSIDE OUT FEED Your skin with Advanced Nutrition Programme, the skin supplement, specifically developed for the skin. These supplements manufactured in the UK and specifically developed for skin problems. 

FORTIFY YOUR SKIN TOPICALLY: FORTIFY your skin topically with Environ Skincare. Environ is a globally loved professional skincare developed by Dr Des Fernandes, now available in Pakistan. 

FINISH YOUR SKIN WITH MINERAL MAKEUP: FINISH your skin with mineral and anti-ageing makeup. We also offer no-makeup looks with our EvenMore range of Environ Foundation for all party and bridal makeup. 

FLAWLESS YOUR SKIN WITH ANTI-AGEING WAX: FLAWLESS your skin with Lycon Precision Waxing system. Lycon waxing enhances your waxing experience by effectively remove all hair without causing sensitivity. 

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We offer hair treatments help to the condition of your hair as well as soften and revive dull, dry and damaged hair. Visit our branches to find out more about our Ammonia FREE hair color & Keratin Treatments.  Learn more

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Salon is a stockist of Environ skincare, a professional range of skin care products & Treatments created by  Dr Des Fernandes , one of the world's leading cosmetic surgeons. Learn more

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We uses Lycon Precision Wax Systems which enhances your waxing experience by effectively removing all hair without causing sensitivity. Our hot wax system ensures comfort and hygiene giving you the best result in a calm environment. Learn more.  

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Every young girl and women know that bridal makeup is the most prominent thing to be seen on wedding days. Women are pretty conscious about what they are going to wear or how they will look. We, at Coral Beauty Emporium offers amazing packages for bridal, brides made, and family makeup needs. Learn more

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Fully trained and hygiene Studex ear & belly piercing at affordable rates. Studex Earrings will keep your ears allergy free while complementing your fashion. Learn more

Professional & Trained Staff

Professionally trained staff.

Ladies only premisses. 

Ladies only premisses for safety and modesty. 

No bleach or harsh chemicals

All our products and treatments are bleach and chemical free.

Vitamin based Natural Treatments

Environ treatments based on vitamin A, E and C.

Halal / mineral makeup 

All our makeup brands are halal and minerals based. There are no harsh chemicals and harmful contents.

Onsite Parking 

Onsite Parking available for our customers. 

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