Why We Use Lycon Precision Waxing At Coral Beauty Emporium?

Virtually Pain-free waxing now available

Australia's Lycon Wax contains the finest resins, natural ingredients & aromatherapy oils to deliver superior performance, removing hairs as short as 1mm.

Lycon Wax is extremely popular with celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Minnie Driver. Formulated with the finest resins, pure beeswax and sensuous aromatherapy and natural plant oils, LYCON is the world leader in quality waxes which deliver superior results! In 1978, Lydia decided to share her secret and make it available to beauty salons, so their clients could benefit from this unique product.

The salon owner and therapists are so impressed by LYCON's gentleness and superior results that they immediately recruited it for all of their waxing services. Our salons use premium Lycon wax, which shrinks around the hairs to avoid the skin-ripping sensation, and is offered in various flavours including chocolate, berry and lavender.

Beauty Salons including Coral Beauty Emporium, other salons &  Nail bars, in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, are offering a place to relax, indulge yourself in an array of wonderful Lycon spa treatments and enjoy the customer service that you deserve.

The range consists of hot waxes, strip waxes as well as LYCON's harmonising before and after waxing products.  Lycon offers an extensive range of quality waxes in many exciting flavours which allow professionals to tailor the best waxing combination for total customer satisfaction.

Lycon waxing will prevent hair breakage, in-grown hairs, bruises and redness. This will avoid painful sting associated with strip waxing, therefore leads to softer smoother skin for up to 6 weeks. It's Virtually PAIN-FREE and anti-ageing. 

The chocolate hazelnut hot wax (organic, naturally) goes on thick like melted like Dairy Milk and is peeled off without strips, making it way less painful.

To book Lycon waxing treatment and for treatment prices please visit any of our Coral Beauty Branch in Lahore, Islamabad.