We are passionate about skin, hair, and beauty services. We aim to deliver high-quality vitamin-rich (vitamin A, C,& E skin treatments) and innovative skincare technology. We apply a holistic & scientifically-based approach to all our skin, hair, and beauty treatments. We do not use any harmful chemicals in our treatments like Polishers or Bleach in any of the treatments.

From UK – Since 2009

This all starts from a small town in the UK and now with multiple branches in 3 major cities in Pakistan and expanding.


We’re super proud of our 4F concept in the beauty industry.

Top Beauty Brand

We are working with top skin, hair, and aesthetic brands in the world.

Our team is driven by your success. Every single day, we’ll support your business and help you to succeed.

Our History

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FEED YOUR SKIN INSIDE OUT:  FEED Your skin with Advanced Nutrition Programme, the skin supplement, specifically developed for the skin. These supplements are manufactured in the UK and specifically developed for skin problems. 

FORTIFY YOUR SKIN TOPICALLY: FORTIFY your skin topically with Environ Skincare. Environ is a globally loved professional skincare developed by Dr. Des Fernandes, now available in Pakistan. 

FINISH YOUR SKIN WITH MINERAL MAKEUP: FINISH your skin with mineral and anti-ageing makeup. We also offer no-makeup looks with our EvenMore range of Environ Foundation for all parties and bridal makeup. 

FLAWLESS YOUR SKIN WITH ANTI-AGEING WAX: FLAWLESS your skin with the Lycon Precision Waxing system. Lycon waxing enhances your waxing experience by effectively remove all hair without causing sensitivity.