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How we make our waxing more hygienic with Lycon Pre & Post waxing Lotions

Lycon Precision waxing system is now only available in few cities in Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.  

The waxing industry has undergone numerous changes since its start. From being one in all the foremost painful practices women once dreaded, we’ve come to the relief of painless waxing procedures. Not only that but there also are more waxing practices that have developed along the way. the foremost loved and appreciated change is the use of pre and post-wax products.

Females, we are all acquainted with the ‘instructions’ or ‘questions’ that the salon lady shoots us with whenever we enter. and people within the business agree it becomes, frustrating when their customer comes sure waxing without taking care of application lotions. These small details that led significance bad affect the waxing way leaving you with an unfavourable experience.

Comforts of Using Pre Waxing Products

There are numerous pre-waxing oil available today which make sure that you go through a less painful, faster, and more efficient waxing treatment. The most basic use of pre-waxing oil is to cleanse the skin of oils, other skin treatments, bacteria, sweat, and dust. 

Lycotane skin cleanser
  • It is a skin cleanser, a light and refreshing product that is used before all facial and body waxing to effectively remove surface oils, perspiration, pollution, makeup, and cream residue from the skin. It is also used after waxing to cleanse the skin and help to close the hair follicles.
Pre-waxing oil
  • Lycon’s unique Pre-Waxing Oil with nourishing essential oils softens and prepares skin prior to all hot and Lycojet waxing. Pre-Waxing Oil prevents wax from sticking to the skin ensuring it only grips the hairs – minimising skin drag and making waxing comfortable, clean and efficient.

Comforts of Using Pre Waxing Products

Waxing is often messy. Its application brings a replacement challenge altogether for the one who is on the service side, which is cleaning. Post wax oils could be a good way to induce obviate the sticky leftovers from the skin to depart it shiny and smooth. There’s another issue that must be mentioned advocating post-waxing products sensitivity. Not all can withstand the harshness of waxing. There is a variety of girls who avoid this procedure because their skin sensitivity doesn’t allow them. Redness, overestimated skin, blotches, and rashes are a number of the traits that most of the ladies observe post waxing. Post waxing lotions are formulated using the simplest moisturisers keeping sensitive skin in mind. These lotions ensure your skin gets an excellent tone, remains moisturised, and doesn’t get infected follicles.

Tea tree soothe

  • Lycon Tea-Tree Soothe may be a light and simply absorbed non-clogging lotion to quickly condition and moisturise the skin on the body and face. Tea-Tree Soothe helps to reduce blemishes and therefore the look of ingrown hairs. Ideal to use daily from head to toe.
  • Face & Body Lotion: Lycon Tea Tree Soothe may be a light and simply absorbed lotion which will condition and moisturise the skin without clogging pores.
  • Minimises Blemishes: The perfect post-wax treatment, this tea tree lotion helps to attenuate blemishes and soothe red or inflamed skin.

Tea-Tree perfect

  • Tea-Tree Perfect hygienically removes sticky wax residue after strip waxing, while soothing and moisturising at the identical time. Contains Tea-Tree Oil, well-known for its anti-bacterial benefits.

Lycon Perfect Finishing

  • This post-wax oil removes sticky wax residue after strip waxing, while soothing and moisturising the skin at the identical time. a soothing thanks to ending treatment with calming, lavender-scented Perfect Finish. maybe mixed with Tea-Tree Soothe for a lighter, less oily finish.

Lycon Wax Solvent

Pleasantly scented, removes all types of wax from linen, clothes, wax heaters, spatulas, furniture, equipment, carpet, and the floor. Not for use on the body.

FAQs lycon waxing

Where to get Lycon waxing Treatment in Lahore and Islamabad?

You can book your treatment any of our Coral Beauty Emporium branch in Lahore and Islamabad by booking online or calling our customer service 0315 513 0000.

Is Lycon waxing is pain free?

Yes! Lycon waxing is virtually pain free. Before any waxing there is use of pre-waxing oil to create barrier between wax and skin which make Lycon waxing pain free. 

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